Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dear fellow mommas, {inspirational letter}

Thank you so much for all the comments I received here and on the blog's facebook page regarding my recent post about needing super nanny.

It's so nice to hear that we all go through ups and downs...and we aren't in it alone. Sometimes I feel so isolated, in my own little mom-bubble, that I forget no child is perfect and no mom has it "easy." I'll see a mom with a baby who seems to be just perfect...but I don't see the rest of their day or life.

I really appreciate you all sharing stories with me, and commenting that I will make it through the tough times. Of course I know that and try to remain positive; but just had to vent somewhere because I try so hard to avoid showing frustration in front of the baby. I know that she can read me very well, so I truly attempt to be 100% optimistic around her (although that's impossible).

I wanted to share some inspirational quotes from my Small Steps for Catholic Moms book that my dear friend Rachel got me for Christmas (she is a super sweetheart). It's a daily "think, pray, act" book. These quotes were for yesterday and today---I found them very appropriate.

"As the result of sin, the virtues have become painful to us; we shrink from them because they mean humiliation and suffering. You do not want to be humiliated? Humiliation is an honor, suffering a joy, because Jesus Christ has placed in them true honor and true joy." - St. Peter Julian Eymard
This really shook me from my funk. Maybe my life isn't easy...but so what!? I need to remember that life on Earth is not necessarily supposed to be fun; Heaven awaits and is full of great joy. I should endure my life here in such a manner befitting a woman of God who wants to have eternal life.
"I sometimes reflect on the great damage parents do by not striving that their children might always see virtuous deeds of every kind." - St. Teresa of Avila
Mothering is the greatest job entrusted to me, and I need to be sure that I keep my mind and heart pure and virtuous so that baby G has a good example of what a woman should be. St. Teresa reminds me that I do more damage to G by not trying to lead a good life, than I do by making sure she sleeps through the night or eats 20 different types of food. Virtuous things are more important than meeting some "goal" that "they" say is normal.

I hope that you all found them to be inspiring too, and if you are going through a rough patch as a mom.... YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


  1. I've had it pretty "easy" so far, but your post reminded me that it won't always be easy, but it will always be worth it! I know you are struggling right now and you are in my prayers.

    I got that book for Christmas from a good friend of mine too...it's great!

  2. I read this blog post by Simcha Fisher yesterday, did you see it? It made me think of you while I was reading it! http://www.ncregister.com/blog/simcha-fisher/to-the-mother-with-only-one-child/

  3. Thanks for the link Mandi! I actually teared up reading it!

    Also, very cool you got the same book :-)


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