Friday, January 20, 2012

Seven Quick Takes (vol 8)

--- 1 ---
Six of this week's seven quick takes are for my husband, who celebrated his 24th birthday yesterday. This is his fifth birthday that we have been together. Three of the five we went on a trip somewhere, but last year I was too close to my due date. This year we are on a budget and have a baby, so our "trip" is to the boat show tomorrow! My husband loves boats, and claims his first word was boat. He is beyond excited, to say the least. I'm pretty sure he would rather own a boat than a house...give us a few years and we will have both.

--- 2 ---
He is the perfect husband for me. A great example is the fact that I had a rough, out-of-sorts day on Tuesday and he walked through the door after work with flowers for me. :-) I haven't gotten flowers from him in over a year. It was just what I need to bring a smile to me face!
taken with my phone
--- 3 ---
Here are the cupcake photos I promised in last week's 7QT. Homemade chocolate cupcakes with chocolate chip cheesecake filling and cream cheese icing. I slightly altered this recipe and they turned out great! Happy birthday to my husband and his co-workers ;-)

--- 4 ---
As I mentioned in #1, my husband and I used to go places for his birthday. It's because I make a big deal about birthdays way more than he does. For his 21st birthday (and kind of an extended honeymoon), we went to Las Vegas...probably one of my favorite places ever. I am a craps fanatic. He liked seeing the Hoover Dam and playing penny slots. The reason I am posting about this is because he got free drinks on the plane for playing up the birthday thing!! For someone who doesn't like to make a "big deal" about his birthday, he sure milked that one ;-)

--- 5 ---
My husband is very supportive of me as a wife and mother. He humors my dorky side, loves my un-lovable side, and nurtures my in-secure side. He also appreciates my cooking, crafting, and internet capabilities. I couldn't be me with out him. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FRED.
ps. His name is not fred, it's just my nickname for him (incase you missed that story).

--- 6 ---
January birthdays are almost as popular as December birthdays in our families. We are a bunch of winter babies. People with January birthdays in our families:
my nana and pawpaw
two of my mom's sisters
my dad's cousin
my father-in-law
my husband
MY DAD (who's birthday is this coming Tuesday)

Happy birthday month to them all :-)

--- 7 ---
I previously mentioned the skills that G has been learning, and I posted two videos this week. You should check them out (if you haven't already). One is of her and I doing "Hip Hip Hooray!" and the other is of her going to find her "girl" and bringing her to me, then taking her back where she found her. I have one smart cookie on my hands :-)
On the subject of things I posted this week, check out the inspirational mom quotes I posted on Wednesday.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your husband! I hope he has a great time at the boat show!

    Love those flowers. Good job to the hubs.

  2. Happy Birthday to your DH! I loved the videos of your DD, too precious! I remember when mine started learning to do things like that, it's so amazing and it still is. I used to do the same thing with her, "go get me this", "now take it back to where you found it", and I couldn't help feeling that I was doing the tricks I had learned at obedience school for my dog! LOL


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