Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Driving Mr. Winnie #WW #linky

My daughter is hilarious. Lately, her favorite thing is pushing a variety of items around while crawling or kneeling. About two weeks ago, my husband captured G pushing her Winnie the Pooh rocking horse.

If you are my facebook friend (personal, not blog), then you have already seen this gem of a video. I wanted to share it with everyone else, so here it is! The best part is about 20 seconds from the end...I laugh out loud every time I watch it!

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  1. That is priceless! Kids are too cool.

  2. Awww....so cuuuute! Thanks for sharing this, & may your WW crawl along nicely.....

  3. Adorable!! Just linked up Hardly a Housewife, my first time linking up here.

  4. That is so cute! We have a video of my son would like to stick stuff in his mouth and crawl around. What a cutie!!

  5. That is funny! She is just being a kid, exploring:)

    Visiting late for WW! Here's my share- hope you can visit:)



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