Monday, January 16, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

In some ways, I feel like I just wrote my meal plan for last week; but in other ways, last week seemed so long. It was the first week that my husband worked the full five days since the week of 12/11. Luckily, leftovers stretched a bit farther than anticipated, the crock-pot helped out, and I made one meal ahead of time--so the kitchen was not my nemesis despite having to get back in the swing of life while the baby is still getting over an illness (and teething).

One whole meal didn't get made last week, so it reappears this week.

Monday: left over chicken caccitore (first time I made it, and it was so good!)
Tuesday: baked potato bar
Wednesday: pork chops, cheesy rice, peas
Thursday: chicken fajitas, homemade refried beans, salsa/chips
Friday: homemade cheeseburgers, pasta salad, fries, salad (requested by the birthday boy)
Saturday: eating out after the boat show for my husband's birthday :-)
Sunday: chili and corn muffins
source: the curvy carrot

As indicated above, my husband's birthday is this week. I am going to make chocolate cupcakes with cheesecake filling and butter cream frosting. I found a recipe I'll be loosely following at The Curvy Carrot.

Thanks for checking out what we'll be eating this week, Menu Plan Monday is hosted at OrgJunkie.com

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  1. Yum it all sounds SOOO good! Makes me want to come over for dinner every night!


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