Friday, August 26, 2011

Five Question Friday!

Let's have a light hearted Friday :-) I'm linking up with Five Question Friday
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Did you make any fun purchases this week? I bought some super cute socks and a 9 month size sleeper that has butterflies and says "I love you" on it for G. I also bought her 6 month pictures. I'm officially a mom because I had a $10 JCP cash coupon and bought stuff for my daughter instead of myself. Fashionista fail.
If you could go to any musical concert – what would it be? Right now, Josh Turner. Love. Love. LOVE. Too bad that's not in the budget! My favorite past concert, even though you didn't ask, was Third Eye Blind <3
What is your least favorite/most favorite house chore? Least favorite = Ironing. Ironic because I do it most often. I just hate how tedious it is (probably because I am a perfectionist) and how quickly it gets undone. My favorite chore = vacuuming. I kind of love it. Weird, I know, but it's very rewarding to see the carpet get clean and the noise is soothing. Sad day because I broke my vacuum belt 2 days ago. Yes, we are going to get a new one today :-)
Would you prefer new appliances or new clothes?  Well, right now, this is kind of an easy question. We are renting, so the appliances are kind of a package deal. I also don't have a lot of clothing that fits. Although I am under my pre-pregnancy weight, nothing fits the same.
So I would much rather have new clothes right now.
Miracle Whip or Mayo?  Mayo. I don't really use it often, I'd rather add calories from cheese than mayo. When it's called for in recipes, I have light mayo on hand. The husband globs it on in a disgusting fashion, so I usually make his sandwiches :-)


  1. Stopping by on the "Good Friends, Just Click" blog hop and following along via GFC, Facebook & Twitter. I'm also going to link up on this hop!


  2. Hi! Thanks for following my blog (stay at home who). I came over to check yours out and am following too :). WTG on being under your pre pregnancy weight! I would go with a new wardrobe if I were in your shoes too. I am under mine too actually, but the belly needs some serious toning.


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