Monday, August 08, 2011

Rose & Thorns for last week

Monday rose: Grammy and Aunt arrived for their visits!
Monday thorn: Daddy went back to work after being off for vacation...bummer!! We missed him.
Tuesday rose: G got a baby piano (literally a baby one, not the expensive kind) and enjoyed banging on it. It was really cute to watch her. I'm sure she'll enjoy it even more into toddler-hood
Tuesday thorn: As I was nursing G to sleep, she decided to gum-bite me. Not fun at all. I yelped in pain.
Wednesday rose: G sat like a big girl in her high chair for the first time with us at dinner!
Wednesday thorn: We took my car to get something fixed on it, but it turned into a big debacle and we all got hot, sweaty, and kind of frustrated.
Thursday rose: G ate rice cereal for the first time, and did great! It was really fun watching her try to grab the spoon and feed herself. I would have let her, but she kind of choked on it.
Thursday thorn: For the 4th night in  row, G woke up THREE times screaming. Not fun for any one.
Friday rose: After Grammy left, we took a nap together and it was very peaceful.
Friday thorn: Grammy left.
Saturday rose: G never needed us at night, although she did wake up twice.
Saturday thorn: I had to go to the doctor and get medicine for my ear infection. The pharmacy closed before I could go pick-up my Rx. (It had been dropped off, so there was no going to another pharmacy or anything)
Sunday rose: G went swimming for the first time.
Sunday second rose: G did a really great army crawl for the camera. She's getting pretty mobile.

no thorn for Sunday...it was so lovely!

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