Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wonderful Weather but a crabby patty

We are having a seriously wonderful weekend over here. The weather has been wonderful (sorry East Coast), and my sister came in town. We also had some family over last night for dinner and games. My sister and I made fabulous homemade chicken pot pie (recipe), with brownies & ice cream for dessert (yes, I realize that's probably 2000 calories). We all played Cranium. Such fun was had by all! The girls beat the guys 3 games to 2...obviously we are smarter.
This morning, after mass, my husband and I were able to go for a lovely bike ride while my sister stayed with the baby. It was actually our first ride since G was born, because she's not really big enough to ride in a trailer (which we still need to get one anyways). We both enjoyed the late summer breeze and bright sunny day. We encountered a lot of bicyclists, joggers, and dog walkers on our trip. The sweetest thing we saw was a dad and his daughter fishing in a creek. The little girl had just caught a fish and they were very excited over the size. She was squealing in excitement, and as we rode past, I felt excited too because I know that G and my husband will have times like that in the future. He loves fishing, and she will learn to love it too--haha. We also saw an elderly couple sharing a treat (appeared to be Mcflurries) at a picnic table, reading their newspapers. Precious.

Not my usually smiley girl
However. G has been a SERIOUSLY crabby patty lately and I think that she is teething. She's gnawing more than ever & hitting at her head :-( poor thing. It's bad. We caved and tried some baby tylenol today. I hate medications, especially with babies...nothing was working, though. She's in a little bit better spirits now, but still not the generally happy baby we are used to.

I'll keep you posted on if a tooth pops up tomorrow! If it's not teething, I'm at a loss. And after all, isn't 'teething' what moms say their 6 month old babies are doing when nothing else seems to be wrong?

We did get a kind of good one before mass
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