Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Dancing with my Baby, or G's 27th week

Dear G,

I guess teething is the only thing that really brings you down. You just aren't yourself when your teeth are bothering you. I understand that...it'd make me cry too. I really wish I could feel the pain for you. I know all mothers feel that way about their babies, but it doesn't work that way. Babies still feel the pain and our hearts hurt right along with them.

I do have a sentimental story to share with you.

In the early evening on Sunday you weren't easily consoled. I turned on Pandora radio (thank you technology). The lullaby station plays all of our favorite songs, like Somewhere Over the Rainbow, Hush Little Baby, and You Are My Sunshine. I've danced with you before, but it's been a while since we've really got into it. So that evening, I dusted off my dancing shoes and we hit the floor. It was so fun. You are a lot more involved now, and LOVED it despite your bad mood. I swear I even heard a few giggles, but I bet you thought I couldn't hear you--underneath all that sour-puss act--but I did! We really got into it. I was lifting you up and out, down and around, as if we were a contemporary ballet pair. Your head was on a swivel, because all the things in our living room look a lot cooler when they're spinning by quickly. Daddy caught us dancing and agreed it seemed pretty fun--and was helping you feel better.

Week 27: Crawling away from me!
It's the sweetest thing to make you happy when you are sad and in pain.

This past week you also had your first swing at the park, tasted ate some winter squash, drank from a sippy cup, had a visit from your aunt, went on a walk with Daddy alone, and started the horrible bout of teething.

Hope you enjoyed the past week as much as I did!!


In case your baby is teething too, here are some things we've tried:

Distraction: walks, dancing, looking at favorite (but not often seen) things - like the cookie jar, bouncing, etc...
Cold: wet wash cloth, wash cloth with an ice cube in it, freezer teether ring, crushed ice pieces in a baby sock (this molds better into her mouth)
Gnawing: regular teethers, our finger, allowing her to suck/gnaw her thumb, non-wet cloth
Medication: Hylands Homeopathic Teething Gel, Baby Tylenol
Comfort: nursing, snuggling, rocking

Things I won't try:
orajel (benzocaine)

If you've got any other suggestions, let me know.


  1. We got an amber teething necklace from Inspired by Finn that seems to help. We also put frozen baby carrots, peach slices, and ice cubes in a fresh food feeder (that mesh thingie) for teething. Hope those little teeth pop through soon!

  2. So sweet! New follower from the blog hop. Please stop by and say hi! http://letterlearning.blogspot.com Thanks!

  3. I haven't had a teething baby in a few years. I always felt so bad for them.


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