Thursday, August 11, 2011

Week 24, Visit from my mom and sister

investigating some EB baby food we'll use for traveling meals
Dear G,

For the past week we've had several visitors! First, Grammy stayed with us for a few days. Then, my sister, your aunt, stayed for a few days. While Grammy was here, we went shopping and you got a lot of new-to-you clothes and some new toys (a piano, a musical/light up lantern, a set of blocks that go into shape holes). Your favorite is the lantern Grammy got for you at Target. I tell her not to spoil you, but she doesn't really listen. I'm not too upset, though, because I suppose that's what Grammy's are supposed to do. Mostly we just hung out with her at our house and relaxed together since she lives quite a ways away. You had cereal and sat in your high chair for the first time while Grammy was here. She played with you, read you books, and held you a lot.
Hi momma!

Your aunt is pretty much infatuated with you--and who can blame her, you are adorable. We went to the swimming pool for the first time while she was here. She also babysat you for the first time alone, and did great! She gave you a bath with minimal assistance from me (this is only worth noting because she doesn't have baby-bathing experience, as you are the first baby in the family). You went shopping with us, too--first time into Victoria's Secret. You were in awe of all of the bright colors in the Pink! section, but had a slight malfunction in the bra section...spitting up all over yourself, me, and the floor. I was just going to alert a sales lady so she could mop it up, but your aunt-retail worker that she was-made me wipe it up with your burp rag...GROSS. Afterward, we went to a gelato shop. You kept trying to eat my treat! Your aunt also brought you some new books, and your favorite so far is "Yummy & Yellow". Her favorite color is yellow, so I'm assuming she wants it to be yours too.
gazing at the pool
Aside from visitors, the highlights of the past week are:

  • your squealing/screaming/attempts at talking are still on the rise. I can't help but laugh sometimes. You always look so pleased with yourself when you get done yelling. It's quite cute.
  • You are kind of army crawling. I think you are a little timid, because you never go too far--just far enough. You still get frustrated because you want to really go places, but your torso is just too heavy. You can go forward, but usually chose to go in a circle or sideways.
  • You loved the swimming pool.
  • You are an expert very advanced sitter, usually keeping your back straight, arms out, and reaching for things. You don't fall until you want to, or are tired of keeping yourself up--which is generally 5+ minutes.
  • You truly enjoy sitting up in your high chair with us at dinner.
  • You are finally (knock on wood) sleeping through the night again after getting messed up by our travels. It took what seemed like FOREVER. I was so tired, but thankfully we had visitors to keep me going. It felt great to sleep 7 straight hours last night (you slept 7:40 pm - 7:05 am).
  • You like giving open mouth kisses. It's my favorite thing you do, so far.
Daddy & G in the pool

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