Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Momma and G are spontaneous.

Taken with my phone, teething G & J (BFF)
Well, I didn't post yesterday and I didn't get my wordless Wednesday post up today because G and I took a last-minute trip to visit a friend and help my little sister move into her new dorm at college...

I was so pleased that G was a great traveler...we didn't have to stop at all and she only fussed a tiny bit in the car. VICTORY.

We had a lot of fun.

It was so nice to have an all day play-date--mostly for the mommies, as we had to keep the babies on separate blankets! They would grab at each other's eyes, heads, or any other body part they could get to. At one point, G crawled up to her BFF, put her head into BFF's lap and was holding onto her legs, while BFF clawed at G's head! It was hysterical, but a small amount of skin was scratched...so we backed them apart. They really seem to enjoy being around each other, smiling and cooing a lot. I also really enjoy being around the momma, she's pretty much my new BFF and I love/admire her lots. :-)

We also saw my family (G's Grammy, Papaw and her aunt). We ate dinner and lunch together, organized my sister's new dorm room, and played with the baby. I'm pretty jealous my sister is entering such an exciting time of her life. I miss college. Even the homework, but mostly the freedom and carefree living. I also miss the town. College town USA is so fun. The world is her oyster, and I wish her well!

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  1. Thanks dear, I love and admire you lots too! <3


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