Monday, August 29, 2011

Menu Plan Monday--easy/cheap week!

Monday: Leftover (personal recipe) Chicken Pot Pie
Tuesday: Mushroom / Red Sauce Pasta
Wednesday: Leftovers Galore
Thursday: Sandwiches/Leftovers
Friday: Out of Town
Saturday: Out of Town
Sunday: Out of Town

See!! I told you, easy and cheap week. I sadly went over the food budget for the month. I tried really hard. We budgeted $320, but I spent $360. The good news, I do still have a pretty well stocked pantry. I have read about people who can eat on $200/month...I need to figure out how. Any tips, please let me know! I already shop sales, shop Aldi, buy a lot of what's good & on sale. I think my problem is not being able to pass up a sale. For instance, if I make a grocery list, but go into the store and see something that is a GREAT BUY, but not on my list...I buy it--nothing too expensive or fancy, and nothing we won't use--just not on my list. Fail. My mom tells me to stop buying 'good' stuff, or organic stuff. I don't buy everything organic, and I still buy non-grass-fed beef (despite wanting too, we can't afford it), for example. There are some things, though, that I'm not will to compromise on because chemicals aren't worth a few extra cents/bucks saved. Here's to hoping next month I improve even more!

Check out the homemade egg rolls from last week, that were such a hit, I made them twice!
 recipe from another blog
They don't look very pretty in this picture, but trust me. They were DELISH! The second time I made them, I cooked some homemade fried rice to go with them...definitely needed a wok.

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