Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spinnin' Saturday link-up: Josh Turner

Please tell me you know who Josh Turner is. He's a lot more popular now than when I first started liking him (2 years ago).

Simply put, he is a country music hunk. His voice just gets to me. It often sends shivers down my spine. OOOOOHHHHH he is such an amazing country singer. He's a great guy too! I've seen him do interviews with his family right there, you can just tell he's a great husband and dad. Therefore, even more sexy. My husband knows that if Josh Turner came to my door and asked me on a date (obviously not going to happen), I'd say yes in a heart beat. He is #1 on my celeb crush list (the others are Matt Lauer, Bobby Flay...so yeah, my taste is a bit older--LOL).

So here's the song that's been spinnin' around my head this week. "All over me"

I searched and searched but could not find the official video for this song. I thought about doing another song because of that fact (he has so many I love), but this is the one stuck in my head. So please excuse the fact it's a live video, not even shot by me...so I totally have no rights to it. Just listen & enjoy!
Load up your boat, get your girl if you've got one, nice little breeze gonna blow! Such a fun summer song! My husband is boat obsessed and we both love being on the water, I always think of us when listening to this song (even though I'm secretly thinking about Josh Turner, hehe)

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  1. Love Josh Turner! My husband actually has a really deep voice like him. I make him sing me Josh Turner songs!

  2. Hi! Thank yu so much for you visit and kind comment! :) I loveee josh turner! His voice is amazing...scotty from am idol reminded me of him so much! He has such feel good music and a few really touching songs! I love when other love country! :) and you're right, vegas is amazing! My hubby and I got married there :)
    Following now and looking forward to getting to know ya :)
    Happy weekend

  3. My boys are country music fans and I love it too. And yes I know who Josh Turner is even though I am 55! Have you heard Martina McBrides new song...I'll see you through or something like that. OMG You need a box of kleenex just to hear it through!

    I'm a follower now and hope you will follow me back at nanahood.com and like me on facebook at nanahood and the nana blogs!

  4. Hi, I am your newest follower :) I'm just dropping in to say hi and to invite you to my giveaway event. It's a big package I am giving away for mom & the family. The giveaway ends tomorrow and has low entries so if you get a chance, visit me at We Have It All

    Have a fantastic weekend!


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