Sunday, October 09, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge - Day 3

Today's challenge calls for 3 films. Don't worry, I'll be posting my Sunday 5 - Gratitude post later today, once we get back from our trip.

Film 1: Marley & Me I'm not even that big of a dog person, but I watch this movie anytime it's on TV, plus we have it. The happy moments make me laugh and the sad moments make me cry. I love the story line. Happy couple feels called to nurture; get a dog...because husband thinks it will be easier than a baby...turns out not to be the case!  I also love the fact that they named their baby Patrick--as that's what I wanted to name our baby if we had a boy (although my husband vetoed it) because we met on St. Patrick's Day.

Film 2: Miracle I'm sure you've probably seen this movie, so I'll save you the synopsis. I was really touched by this movie because I love sports and have a 'dig deep' attitude when it comes to my own athletic endeavors.

Film 3: Stolen Summer If you are Catholic (or not), you should check out this indie-like flick! I love it!! It's about a really adorable little boy who is in a pretty traditionally 'Irish' Catholic family. He's trying to make sense of the world around him, and befriends a young Jewish boy--whom he wants to help get to heaven. It has some humorous points and some really sentimental moments. The Eucharist plays a significant role in the movie.

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