Friday, October 14, 2011

10 Day YOU Challenge - Day 8

Today is supposed to be about eight fears. The nice thing about this list is that none of them are so extreme that I am frozen in fear. I'm happy to say that I'm not afraid of anything that keeps me from living my life.
  1. Death. Not the actual after life part, but the act of dying. I know that earth is not a permanent home for me...and my hope/desire is to get to Heaven, so I'm not scared of what is beyond this life. I'm scared of literally dying. I don't want it to be painful or scary--I hope I go in my sleep at a ripe old age.
  2. Snakes CREEP ME OUT. They are just so slithery and quick--not to mention potentially fatal (see above!).
  3. Bugs, in general. I don't like bugs at all. I know they serve their purpose, but they are icky and spread germs.
  4. Mice.rats.rodents. I am the biggest supporter of any "we hate rodents" club.
  5. I'm afraid of my wallet being stolen and having to go through all the hassle of canceling cards/accounts and monitoring my credit report for years.
  6. I'm afraid of being in a wreck, especially with G in the car. 
  7. Debt. I'm definitely fearful of being in debt for the rest of my life. Thus, we are on a tight budget and are living modestly and frugal... for now ;-)
  8. I'm "fearful" of the Lord...that counts, right?
Ps. If you know me personally, you may be surprised to note that "needles" are not on this list. After surgeries, being pregnant, giving birth naturally, etc...I can say that I am not afraid of needles any longer. Sure, I don't love them, but I can deal with them. Giving blood, on the other hand, still not up for that one.

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