Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sunday 5 - Gratitude

This Sunday I am thankful for the following five fantastic things:

My mom came to stay with us in the hotel at the wedding we attended yesterday. My husband and I were able to attend the rehearsal dinner together and stay later at the reception because she baby sat G. It was also really nice to spend time with her on Saturday while my husband was doing groomsmen things. We walked around a craft fair and chatted. I'm lucky to have her & G loves her to pieces!

she doesn't have quite enough hair for the bow Grammy got her
My marriage is amazing, and better than ever. I am glad I have someone to carry the bags to the car, drive on trips, hold my hand, dance with, kiss in the morning, eat with, talk to, cry on, and raise our baby girl with.

G has 2 bottom teeth about half of the way out, and one on the way up top. This is a crappy experience for the most part...but I'm really grateful for her development and moving in the right direction. We are blessed!

I learned my lesson about feeding a baby prunes. Disgusting diapers will result, including 3 am. I'm grateful that it's over!!

our dear friends who entered into marriage yesterday
and finally, that the Church is alive in many of our friends, including those married yesterday. I hope they have a marriage full of unity, peace, and love. I also got to speak with a seminarian at length yesterday, as we were seated at the same table for dinner. I pray for all to listen to their vocation & trust in God's plan for their life.

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  1. Oh, I'm totally going to link up next week!

  2. I'm so glad you had a good time! My computer is fixed now so I'll be in touch better now!! And yay for teeth! I love Justina's new toothy grin. The teething is worth it after a couple of weeks and you don't remember it as much... LOL I can't wait for you to come visit!!

  3. I'll be glad to have you Mandi!
    I'm glad it's fixed Rachel, I was beginning to think you were gone for good! ;-) I'm looking forward to our trip too!


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