Monday, October 03, 2011

Menu Plan Monday

This week is going to be super easy--yay!! I feel kind of silly posting such a lame meal plan, but maybe someone out there wants chili, tuna, or pork and they just needed reminding of that fact!

I'd like to call your attention to Wednesday. My husband saw this recipe on the back of the Sargento cheese package (I got name brand cheese wwwwaaayyyy cheaper than the generic due to a sale+coupon!). It's TUNA--he normally hates tuna, but he asked for this specifically this week. I aim to please, but what's hilarious is that something very similar to this was a "go-to" recipe for me when I did weight watchers years ago. I literally LOL'd at him when he asked for it.

Sunday: Left over Pork Roast, slow roasted potatoes, fresh brocollii & cauliflower
Monday: I'm going OUT!!! (I'm so excited) and the husband gets leftovers
Tuesday: left over Chili, crackers, cheese, salad
Wednesday: Light & easy Sassy Salsa Tuna Melts
Thursday: eat any/everything in the fridge
Friday: out of town for a wedding
Saturday: out of town for a wedding

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  1. chili mac would be a great use of leftover chili also

  2. Ha! Your Monday plan seems to be a good one :) And the tuna melts look delicious - have you made them before?

  3. It seems like your week this week is going to be easy. Hope you have fun at the wedding and on your night out!


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