Friday, October 14, 2011

Honeymoon on a college kid's dime

My husband and I got married in the middle of our college careers. Due to some time and financial constraints, we had a pretty modest honeymoon--but took a bonus double-duty-trip in January when my husband turned 21 (we went to Vegas for a few days).

Before I describe our honeymoon, I have to tell you how our marriage started. My husband started feeling sick during our reception. The morning after our wedding, I drove across the street to KMart to pick up some Pepto-Bismo, Sprite, and Saltines. That didn't really help. We eventually had to get the heavier stuff. It was either food poisoning or a stomach-bug. It took him almost all week to get over it. It's kind of a big joke now, about how we started off with the "in sickness" vows right away!

we got to keep the robes!
It was quite a mish-mash of a honeymoon week, with many stops and adventures. First, we drove to the middle of Missouri--to the Lake of the Ozarks' Lodge of the Four Seasons. We stayed there for 2 nights; we had booked the Romance Package that included an 'upgraded' room, a couples massage, breakfast each morning, and one night of a fancy dinner at the hotel's steakhouse. Then we drove to our home in Columbia Missouri, unpacked wedding presents, did some laundry, and stayed a night. Then we drove to my in-laws for Thanksgiving. Then we drove to Kansas City to stay downtown and take in the Crown Center's Christmas Tree lighting. Then we attended the MU/KU rivalry game at Arrowhead Stadium.

The first night, since my husband felt so sick...we ordered in room service and tried to make the best of the situation. He took a lot of medicine and tried to muster through. I felt so bad for him, never really feeling sorry for myself, I just wanted him to feel better. The next day was a bit better, we even went for a walk by the water. Our couples massage was perfect, and he humored me by sitting in the hot tub for a while. We basically had the whole place to ourselves, as it was the off season and the week of Thanksgiving. I did most of the driving because he was so sick. By the time we went to his parents, he was about 80% better. Our stay in Kansas City was pretty nice, but MU lost and we were freezing because it was sleeting. We ended up watching the last quarter of the game in a Hooters (of all places) surrounded by fellow MU fans whose hearts were broken as the comeback slipped away (it's the 2007 game, I'm referencing).

Quite a week, eh? Here are some pics (taken with my phone...before I had an iPhone, so I apologize for lack of quality)
"Welcome" plate & congratulatory card
breakfast room service--my favorite!
relaxing by the fireplace, reading the paper
Before our 'fancy' steakhouse dinner
Our dessert spread, "on the house" in honor of our honeymoon
The strawberries were cut into roses

@ Crayola Cafe
I'm on there, just not as dark ;-)
we didn't plan it, but we saw the Christmas Tree lighting celebration!
view from our room downtown KC
He NEVER falls asleep when I drive, but this was a long week!

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  1. I didn't write about it in my honeymoon story, because it was technically before the "honeymoon" began (we didn't leave for the honeymoon until the day after our wedding after we had a brunch with out of town family and friends), but our wedding night we stayed at this really cute hotel near where the church was. Only problem? No room service. Our wedding was at 1 and the lunch was served around 3, so I was starving. It was in the downtown area so there were tons of restaurants but I only had a cute (white) dress to wear for the next day's brunch with me and I didn't want to wear it out in case I got it dirty and then wouldn't have anything to wear for bruch, so I starved our wedding night! The pictures of your room service reminded me of that! It looks like you stayed in a beautiful place!

  2. You are beautiful!! I loved looking at the pictures. Looked like such a great time.

  3. I love that top right picture where you can see the detail of your wedding dress! Such a BEAUTIFUL dress! Did you keep it?

  4. I did keep it! It is "preserved" in a special box. I tried on like 7 dresses but this was the first one I tried on and picked out and knew it was the one... My mom was surprised because it was so "Princess-y" and that's not my normal style...but a wedding dress isn't a normal dress!!


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