Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 4 of the YOU Challenge w/linky

Today's challenge calls for four books. I was a BIG reader when I was younger, then in sixth grade we participated in a program called AR (accelerated reading). My reading level was 12th grade+, so the books I had to read were really ridiculous for a 12 year old to be reading.

The Scarlet Letter was what did me in. I suppose it's a classic, but it's really dry and boring to a sixth grader. Ever since trying to finish that book, I haven't cared for reading. Sure, I still read, especially when I had to for school, but I don't enjoy it nearly like I used to. I hope G doesn't get burnt out on reading. Oh, and I did re-read the book in high school and hated it even more.

Genius of Women, by Pope John Paul II. I actually haven't read this one (you'll know when I do), but I was told about it this weekend by the seminarian I talked with at the wedding reception. I'm really excited about it. He said that it's a compelation of the things JPII said about women being amazing people and how strong/smart we all are. By being able to bare children, we have several traits that men will never be able to obtain. I'll let you know more about the book when I read it.

What Do You Do All Day, by Amy Scheibe. This is my favorite non-religious book. I read it in college, after seeing the orange dreamsicle on the cover in the bookstore. It was my attempt to get back into reading for fun. It was kind of a 'one and done' experiment, but I did gain this wonderful gem out of it. It's about a career-woman-turned-stay-at-home-mom. It's hilarious, as the main character deals with ritzy SAHMs in the city and her career driven husband. I've only heard the "what do you do all day?" question a few times, but each time I want to smack the person with the book. Read it!

Is it cliche to put the bible here? Ok. I'll leave you with Thomas Merton's No Man is an Island. To be honest, I've only read part of the book. I really like the premise behind the book. As a person very interested in sociology, I agree with Merton's assertation that our spiritual life is based on the connection to others in our community. It's about being true to ourselves by allowing the world around us to solidify who we are.

Prologue: No man is an island --
Love can be kept only by being given away --
Sentences on hope --
Conscience, freedom, and prayer --
Pure intention --
The Word of the cross --
Asceticism and sacrifice --
Being and doing --
Vocation --
The measure of charity --
Sincerity --
Mercy --
Recollection --
"My soul remembered God" --
The wind blows where it pleases --
The inward solitude --

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