Friday, October 14, 2011

It finally happened.

My poor, whimpy prefold and unsuspecting Bummis Whisper wrap didn't stand a chance. It was an unexpected poop from the black lagoon. G's clothes actually had MORE poop on them than the diaper did. I guess it's related to something she ate and the way she was crawling?

Either way, it finally happened. We had a blow out poop that resulted in a bath. We've had a few blow outs (now refered to as mini-blow-outs) that were handled with some wipes and a clean change of clothes, but there was no getting away from this one...my afternoon was ruined. I had plans to go to the grocery store, do some ironing maybe--but instead we took over an hour to delicately remove said dirty clothes without getting too much smeared around, remove and spray down the dipe/cover, rinse G under the faucet, find the bath tub, run a bath, wash the baby, dry the mad baby, re-diaper the mad baby, and clothe said baby. She was SO mad. It was not bath time, nor even bath day. She didn't understand why I was doing all of this...so of course she fought me, which took even more time. I tried to remain calm, but after an hour, I told her in desperation, "Well, G, momma wouldn't have to do all of this if you were potty trained!" HA! My nearly eight month old daughter stared at me and then resumed crying.

Long story short, I am SOOOO over prefolds. I usually only use them when I anticipate #1...but like I said, this was a poop from the middle of nowhere!
I want my pockets/fitted stash to grow ASAP!

Needless to say, I'm beat. What a day...What a day.

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  1. Ah! Poop blow outs are the worst!

    I'm a new follower from the LOL Hop. Hope you can stop by www.mamasmusingsblog.blogspot.com


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