Saturday, October 15, 2011

10 day YOU Challenge - day nine

Day nine is about 9 loves. I like this a lot better than eight fears from yesterday!

1. My husband. This is obvious, but I couldn't start a 'loves' list without making him number 1! He is absolutely amazing. I don't know how he puts up with me sometimes, but he does :-) He's not perfect or anything, but he is perfect for me. It's so comforting having him around, he eases my nerves, consoles me in pain, and celebrates in my happiness. He's a great dad, too.

2. G. Again, duh, but she's completely dependent on ME right now, so of course I love her! Without love, a momma couldn't go on sometimes. Being a momma is HARD work, and loving our babies is what gets us through. She's funny (and her laugh is infectious), she's sweet (finally started cuddling more!), she is smart (amazingly so), she is strong (I literally have to restrain her during changes), she is silly (she has had a personality since day one), and she is mine. I love you G!

3. My family. They are nuts--more so than your family, I guarantee it--but I wouldn't change anything about them. I love getting together with the extended family, I feel "at home" with them.

4. Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Yes, I go from people to a Starbucks drink. It's that amazing. I'd drink one (or 2) everyday if I was a millionaire. I know some people don't like them...but since discovering them 6 years ago, I have to tell you, they are, in fact, Fall in a cup. Fall is my favorite season, thus I LOVE PSLs.

5. Wednesday nights. The 'funny' shows are on then, and usually my husband and I will eat less-healthy-than-normal food while watching them. We celebrate the completion of half the week with laughs and relaxing.

6. Going to Mass. I enjoy going to mass. When I was younger, I thought it took for.ev.er to get over--but I just hadn't learned to appreciate all of the parts and their meaning. Participating in mass centers my life. It helps me realign myself with God and reminds me of my faith (See below). With G, it's a tad bit less enjoyable, as one of us is always having to wrangle her in, but she needs to learn how important mass is (and how to behave).

7. Running/exercising. Silly, but still. I love working out. It helps me relieve stress and feel good about my body. I enjoy using my muscles, including my heart. When I was in high school, I was on crutches for almost a month. I really missed walking on my own, and swore that I'd never take my legs for granted again...working out is my way of doing that. You never know what you have, until it's gone. Use it, before you lose it. All those cliches apply to my mindset when it comes to working out. Do I do it everyday? No, but several times a week.

8. Baking/Cooking. As you read a few days ago, I love to be in the kitchen. I enjoy preparing food for myself and others. I love the smells of baking. I enjoy using my hands to create nourishment. I like trying new recipes and making my own. I like my food to taste good, and the best way to assure that happens, is to make it myself! I also enjoy being complimented on the food that I provide to others ;-)

9. God. I suppose I should have put God as number one, to reflect His importance in my life, but I like to end on a high note...and what better note to end on than the Lord? I am Catholic and it defines the way I live my life.

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