Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sunday 5 Gratitude

Sorry this is late today! We've been doing something every weekend for the past few weeks...it's a nice change of pace from our normal lazy weekends.

These are my Sunday Five Gratitudes this week.

1. Good friends, with whom we have a lot it common. We went to our old town to stay with another couple whose baby is a week younger than G. We have similar values and family styles. We both breastfeed, use cloth diapers, and stay home. Though we do different parenting techniques, we appreciate our differences (AP vs not, mostly). It was a lot of fun to eat together, let the babies play together, go swinging, and play games at night. I like to say our girls are BFFs, but maybe Rachel and I are BFFs too ;)

2. My husband. I guess this may show up every week...but that's a good thing, right? To be appreciative of your husband can never be bad. He is a great provider and comforter... He is my "idea-bouncer-off-er-guy" and a good sound board. He listens and offers constructive advice. It helps that he loves me no matter what and is proud of me. Plus he said I can do something this week that you should all get excited about!!

3. Andy's Frozen Custard. Petty, but still... It was soooo good! I got the Pumpkin Pie Concrete. They take their made fresh hourly vanilla custard and mix it with a whole slice of pumpkin pie. Can't beat it.

4. G slept pretty good last night. It was the first time in almost 2 months that I haven't nursed her one time at night. She woke at 10:30 and needed comforting, but was able to go back to sleep without nursing. Win. She woke up at 3:30 but also returned to sleep without needing me. Amazing. I hope her sleep continues in this direction and she starts sleeping all the way through. Doubt this will happen, though, because she gets shots tomorrow and her top 4 teeth are swollen and near the surface.

5. My dad. I hadn't seen him since Labor Day, but got to see him a bit today. He loves G to pieces, and she loves him too. They're sweet together. I wish my parents lived closer. I miss them both. I'm really thankful for my dad and hope things improve for him and my mom.

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