Friday, October 28, 2011

Momma, not MaMa

When G is able to really talk... I want to be Momma.

Momma means love, comfort, and compassion. Momma means warm chocolate chip cookies and milk after school. Momma means putting your foot down when you have to. Momma means snuggling under covers, watching a kid movie (even when she's 14). Momma means kissing a boo-boo to make it better and not even needing a band-aid. 

Babies can say ma-ma before they even understand what it "means," but when they can say mom-ma...you know they are talking to YOU!!

To me, mama is just a sound, Momma is a name... it's MY name.

Of course, we all love our babies, and what we are called doesn't change how we fulfill our role! I'd love to hear what you hope to be called--or what your kiddos already call you, I think it is a fun difference in us all!


  1. I was only Momma to my daughter (2 yr) until I had our 2nd child, then she started calling me mommy, not all the time but enough to know that someday soon she won't call me Momma anymore. I would love to be Momma forever though.

  2. So true! Right now Alethea can definitely belt our ma-ma-ma-ma, especially when upset, but I am pretty sure she doesn't associate it with me yet. Looking forward to when she can say, Momma or Mommy...either works for me!

  3. My mom is Mama to me. I haven't decided what I want Justina to call me, but I say "Come to Mommy" for some reason. I guess we'll see!

  4. Thanks for your replies, ladies! I find it so interesting what people prefer to be called...I think it says a lot about your personality! Like my mom, for instance, prefers to be Grammy-not Grandma!


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